Ramkumar Shankar


Elf Vision

Augmented reality Android app to bring the Myer Christmas characters to life.

Role Android Developer
Client MYER
Period October 2017 — November 2017
Delivery Android application


With Code on Canvas, I developed an Android application that brings the Myer Christmas characters to life. The app was built from an exported Unity project that contained the AR player activity. This was imported to Android Studio and further extended to create the final app structure.

Clemenger BBDO provided the final app designs.

Users can bring the pop-up book to life by using the app when reading along. Alternatively, they can go on a treasure hunt in the store and uncover the characters across a range of items such as catalogues and gift cards.


Real time database

Based the data structure, storage requirements and ease of implementation given the project timelines, we used Firebase to store user progress through the treasure hunt.


Fresco was used to realise the animations in the interface. Animations were first synthesised as a webp image from separate frames, before incorporation in the app.

Low bundle size

Screens were built dynamically using layouts, and this was useful keep the final app size small. It also ensures that the layouts handle different screen sizes gracefully.

Version management

We also use Firebase to sync the most current AR asset versions with each client. When new assets are available for download, the app will prompt the user to re-download the files. In this way, it was possible to update the AR content without having to package new app releases through the store.