Ramkumar Shankar

web  /  creative coding

Love by Numbers

We worked with Google and Australian Marriage Equality to visualise data gathered from Google's survey platform, showing how love take different shapes and yet share common threads.

Role Creative Developer
Client Australian Marriage Equality / Google Zoo
Period January 2017 — March 2017
Delivery Website front-end, build and deployment


To celebrate the 2017 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival, Google partnered with Australian Marriage Equality to ask people from all over Australia to share their thoughts and experiences about love – from what’s an acceptable public display of affection, to who we love and how deeply we feel it, to whether we believe in marriage equality.

Users can explore the key results of the survey through a beautiful interactive website. The website is comprised of two primary pieces - a WebGL component built using Pixi.js to drive the interface, and Vue.js components that power the interactivity, which I developed.

A single line threads the experience together, as the user moves through the survey results in 8 categories.


Fully Responsive on Mobile

The experience is responsive and adapts gracefully to mobile devices.

Building with Components

Website elements were implemented, extended and re-used as Vue.js components. This includes the headers, swipe menus as well as landing and about pages. 

The app was packaged and built using webpack and babel, with optimisations to keep the website payload small and quick to load.