Ramkumar Shankar

web  /  games  /  mobile


Building a platform to support large-scale multiplayer games and experiences for public installations.

Role Lead developer
Delivery Player management, competitions, analytics and social sharing modules — using websockets, Node.js, AWS and Firebase.
Period July 2018 — Present


PlayPortal exposes the services that underpin Snake to allow anyone to build great interactive experiences in public space. The system is comprised of a number of components that provide different services but work well together to form a cohesive experience for end users.


The PlayServer is the core component of the system. We use it to manage communication between clients and the interactive experience. It provides services for player management, message routing, log on and log off. The PlayServer greatly simplifies logic and implementation details for developers building interactive experiences.


Services for game screenshots, live streams, and usage analytics are supported by the ShareServer. It is also possible for developers and event managers to incorporate competitions and lucky draws by allowing players to opt-in with an email address.

Play Nice

Install and host the system locally or deploy it online. Then add your interactive experience and controls.

For players, the experience is always easy and straightforward.

I developed this product offering at Code on Canvas. Learn more and get in touch with us here.