Ramkumar Shankar

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A massive multiplayer implementation of Snake using websockets.

Concept A multiplayer co-located snake game in public space
Delivery Player management server, social media sharing, analytics and game front-end
Period February 2016 — Present


A multiplayer and co-located implementation of the classic Snake game. Snake is also the first title in the PlayPortal.

Players can join the game using a captive portal interface or by navigating to a website. The game is typically projected using a large display on premise.

Building multiplayer & co-located experiences

Fast & Fluid

A queue system places additional players to a waitlist, and they are automatically added to the game as other players quit. In a public setting, this keeps the action fluid and fast-paced.

Low latency

Snake enables a fun massively multiplayer and co-located experience. From a technical standpoint, a highly responsive and low-latency experience is critical. This is achieved using small event-based messaging through websockets.


A player moves by swiping anywhere on their mobile device. The control system is intuitive and obvious, and the user never has to shift attention to their phone while playing.