Ramkumar Shankar

creative coding

Beautiful Mind

Generative web based animation for the launch of a new fragrance series.

Role Creative Developer
Client M35 / Escentric
Period November 2017 — April 2018
Delivery Technical design, multiple generative animation variants for web


After working on Escentric and Renegades, I developed a workflow for building generative animations on the web. This includes the scaffolding to include configuration values, local development processes and build jobs to for development and production.

I have also built some expertise in Pixi.js (which was used again here), general concepts in WebGL & HTML canvas and an understanding of how to render high performance graphics on the web.

The Brief

I started from a few reference images to, and a slide deck outlining how the animation would fit in the larger website. The aesthetic was one of multiple overlapping shapes that in turn create new and interesting patterns. These patterns would also be used on the product packaging material.

Our task was to translate these static images to a generative animation and harness the power of code to further enhance the experience.