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Speedy Hacker News

The top stories from Hacker News on your Opera speed dial.

Project Top hacker news stories on the Opera speed dial.
Type Side Project
Status Unmaintained


I've dusted off my own extension from 2011 and brought it back. The new version sports a cleaner look and works with current (Blink-based) versions of Opera.

Opera has seen significant improvements since, packing great performance with a pleasant interface on macOS. Surprisingly, a hacker news speed dial extension was still missing from the add-ons gallery.

The top stories from Hacker News

Hacker News is a popular social news source on computer science, development and entrepreneurship. It is a great fit for a speed dial tile in a web browser.

Uncluttered and easy to use

Click on any headline to visit the source. You'll find something interesting every time you open a new tab.