Ramkumar Shankar

Story Line

The stories of the last six months of the COVID-19 pandemic told by you.

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Role Creative Developer
Delivery Website development in React, deployment and Lambda@Edge functions on Cloudfront.
Period June 2020 — July 2020


When Australia and the world went into lockdown, The Feed set up a phone line to receive voice memos from all over the country. Story Line showcases the stories from the last six months of the COVID-19 pandemic, hearing from Australians all across the country.

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Technical Details

The amazing Matt Smith designed the site and implemented the 3D work using three.js and react-three-fiber. I worked on the React side of things (using React hooks and a mobX store), built the DOM components and interface to the Three components, with Lambda@Edge functions on AWS Cloudfront to support sharing functionality.


The website has won numerous awards including site of the day at Awwwards, CSS Design Awards and FWA.