Ramkumar Shankar
18th July 2021


An activity timeline

Much of the work I've been doing are activities which, on their own, aren't quite significant enough to be featured as a project here. Recently, it's been about building UI components, improving performance and scoping and building new features & backend systems.

I could group some of these activities as a project here. However, these projects will also never quite be "finished". Working on a product, we are constantly learning, iterating and improving. Polywork seems especially well suited for showcasing these atomic activities on a chronological timeline. And it's something I've been thinking about as I set up my profile. I like how I can post about a new UI component I built, my contributions to our design system or how I improved configuration management in our application. It's great that the tool shifts focus to what you're working on, as opposed to your job history.

So I've added a link to my Polywork page on this site, which should have a more recent up-to-date view of what I'm working on. 🤞

If you see me there, say hi!